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Risks and Dangers of Overheating Laptop / Desktop

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One of the biggest concerns for laptop owners is the danger that your device will overheat. Taking proper care of your laptop means looking out for the symptoms of overheating and knowing what to do which will prevent damage to the delicate internal components.


There are several symptoms that may appear if your laptop begins to overheat. Recognizing them early will help you avoid damage t your laptop.

  • Fan Noise Increase: This is the fans inside the laptop running faster to quell the building heat
  • Windows Non-Responsive: Your Windows platform stops working for no apparent reason
  • Games Stop: The games you are playing on the laptop stop working
  • Black Screen: When starting up your laptop, it stops on the black screen and does not continue

In addition, the mouse and keyboard may also stop working. The overheating is affecting the performance of the components in your laptop until it cools or burns them out.


There are numerous causes to why laptops overheat. Recognizing the causes will help you prevent them from occurring.

Dust: The buildup of dust is arguably the most common cause of overheating in laptops. The dust tends to build up in the vents until it greatly reduces the flow of air through the device.

High Room Temperature: It is advisable to keep the room temperature at normal levels if at all possible. While cold will have little effect, additional heat and moisture will cause a laptop to warm up above recommended temperatures.

New Components: Adding a new component such as a hard drive will often cause the power supply to work harder which in turn heats up the laptop to a greater degree. Remember that the cooling system in the laptop is not designed to handle many new components.

Fans Stop Working: Like any moving part, fans will tend to slow and wear out over time. Plus, the hotter the laptop gets, the more the fans have to work which further increases the wear and tear.


There are ways to keep your laptop cool and functioning properly. Plus, there are steps you can take to minimize potential damage by being aware of what is happening to your laptop.

Clean the Vents: Every so often, blow out the dust from the air vents and the fan. Doing this occasionally or when you see a build-up occurring will greatly reduce the most common cause of laptop overheating.

Keep the Room Temperature at Normal Levels: You do not have to keep the room cooler than normal, but if the room overheats for whatever reason, shut off the laptop to prevent any damage.

Regular Maintenance: At regular intervals, such as annually or when you notice something wrong it pays to have your laptop serviced. During such times, they will clean out the dust build-up and replace wearing parts such as the cooling fan.

A little maintenance can go a long way towards keeping your laptop cool and functioning properly. Remember, the sooner you address potential issues of overheating, the less likely it will suffer from damaged parts due to too much heat.

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